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A Message from Pastor Jack!


It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should [a]offend one of these little ones.” – Luke 17:2

To my dear fellow Watchmen in Idaho, I’m sorry, but for many of you, I’ve not yet had a chance to meet, and sorry again for this topic of urgency.

Even down here in Chino Hills, California, we’ve heard about the City of Boise hosting a “Drag Kids” event at its pride celebration this Friday-Sunday. (THIS WEEKEND)

We need to urgently gather as many Calvary Chapel pastors who are willing (and we may be joined by a number of LDS Ward/Stake presidents) to visit current Sheriff Matthew Clifford.

We need to encourage him (and he is willing but must hear from the public first for him to act) to make an announcement that he is planning to arrest any organizer that contributes to the delinquency of minors and any persons who commit lewd acts in public especially if there are children present.

In the May primaries, there were 62K votes for Republican Sheriff candidates and only 12K votes for the Democrat Sheriff Candidate.

In November, Sheriff Matt will be running against Victor McCraw. This means that the Sheriff can still get re-elected if he does this, but only if the Churches commit to bringing out the voters to the polls In November.

I need you, dear pastor, and your church to take a firm stand, or Idaho might become California in short order.

Please take advantage of my good brother Neil Mammen of the Values Advocacy Council (, who recently moved to Boise. He will be helping you to coordinate this event by contacting the Sheriff’s office and connecting with the LDS community.

Please reach our here:

Awaiting His Return!

Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills